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Everything seems normal on the surface of the quiet and picturesque town of Lakeview, however when a powerful, immortal rebirths on the third moons eclipse, the town of Lakeview is in for an awakening of supernatural and unexplainable events. Conjuring her dark enchantments, Mortyla has arrived and has her eye set on one... her scorned forbidden love, Tyler. Torn between her revenge and her humanity, Mortyla's rebirth has now awoken and allowed other supernatural beings, hybrids and breeds to enter Lakeview, igniting the Magic Wars! Unbeknown to three local teenagers, their world is about to be turned on its axis with gifts they never asked for and an unexpected mentor to help them save their town.

The eternal and immortal bad boy brothers, Zavier and Zac have sensed her return and are ready for the quests that now lay ahead. Drenched in a cloud of evil and darkness over their town, this doesn't stop the intoxicatingly handsome Zavier from maintaining a 'normal' exterior of partying with girls and his band. Perched in the treetops is Raven, licking her blood red lips and flexing her majestic black wings, craving the blood of her next victim... DARE TO BELIEVE!

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