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a collection of stories based on the characters you love

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©2023 - Chrys Phillips. Registered WGA.

A new era had begun… the onslaught of the previous terror and the fearful threat that evil was always imminently looming, was finally gone! The Espias Sword had lived up to its truest prophecy, to protect and keep the balance of magic. The legend was more than just a mere truth. For the sword had truly eradicated the darkness and had illuminated the light. However, unknown for now, was that this particular sword could do much more than anyone presently knew. 


Eons ago this sword was forged, to ensure darkness would never have the possibility to infinitely reign. Here safely stored in the castle was the swords loyal home. It was exactly stored, where Zavier had placed it with Pearl after the wars of wars. The sword still sat in its secret lodging, illuminating its powerful blue glow and it was ready for what was to come. 


Much had changed in Lakeview since the war, and Zavier had no care to know of it. He stayed within the castle’s perimeters with Pearl and used this chosen solitude to begin the evolution of a secret league. An alliance of semi-immortals and immortals, that would forever protect the Universe of any kind of evil, darkness, hate or magic that should never be used again. Zac was in agreement with Zavier to create this legion, and he was very preoccupied with developing their immortal motorbikes to not only be invisible to mortals but to the immortal eye too. He was in the castle’s gothic undercroft everyday inventing this desired technology for them both. Their weapons had altered from mere blue orbs and cut throats to more sophisticated armory. 


The castle’s surrounding waters stayed calm, even when Pearl’s breed would visit it seemed a very serene part of Lakeview and a safe home for the Z boys. 


Zavier had installed the usual surveillance cameras as per their previous bachelor pad had. The control room for these many screens sat in a round room, which was situated on the first floor of the castle. The room was very large. The stone brick walls were covered in new plaster and painted a deep denim blue. Adorned with lights that shone on various screens, lounges and glass boards that were covered in writings of every immortal breed’s information and tallying of existence. There was not a room, or place, or interior or exterior area, that wasn’t under constant surveillance. The only place not covered by cameras was the secret hidden caves below the castle, where Templar lived. Templar was as old as time and he instructed Zavier on many Universal truths. They had become quite bonded and Zac was now privy to Templar’s existence. 

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